Lamb of God’s Mark Morton, along with Trivium band members, honor Chester Bennington in 'Cross Off'

Chester Bennington meant a lot of things to a lot of people, and now, metal is coming together to honor their fallen friend.

According to Consequence of Sound, Lamb of God’s Mark Morton teamed up with the band Trivium to record the song “Cross Off.” Now, the single was actually recorded before the death of the Linkin Park singer. In fact, the song was recorded by Bennington, in the spring of 2017. In July of that same year, Bennington would take his own life, which shocked the music world.

Now, some big names are coming together to re-record Bennington’s song. Morton, who was the brainchild of the arrangement, said in an interview with Metal Hammer that he was impressed with the work ethic Bennington put in his music.

“He just had a lot of creative input at the ready when he came into the studio,” Morton said, adding that he was extremely impressed with the song and Bennington’s dedication to his craft. The new version os “Cross Off” really does Bennington well as it flows naturally through the aesthetics of the song and comes across as a moving tribute to a fallen friend.

Take a listen to “Cross Off” above.