League of Legends 2019 Lunar Revel event now live
League of Legends/YouTube

The League of Legends Lunar Revel event is back in full swing, and with it comes new goodies for players to unlock in celebration of the Year of the Pig.

Riot Games released a few new legacy skins for the Chinese New Year, including Firecracker Sejuani, Coin Emperor Tahm Kench, and Firecracker Vayne. League of Legends’ newest champion Sylas, who released Friday, received his first skin Lunar Wraith Sylas in celebration of the holiday. While the legacy skins will be vaulted at the end of the event, Lunar Wraith Sylas will remain in the shop as a permanent skin.

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Firecracker Vayne also received a prestigious edition, or an exclusive golden variant, for her Firecracker skin, which will be available for players to pick up for 1000 tokens, currency players can collect from completing event missions.

Other legacy skins from previous Lunar Revel events will become available for players to purchase in the client’s store but will return to the vault by the end of the event. Riot Games also introduced a few chromas, or new colorations, to the preexisting skins in the game’s store.

The 2019 Lunar Revel event will run until March 4, where all of the skins will be locked away in the vault until next year.