Led Zeppelin to reissue ‘The Song Remains The Same’ to celebrate 50th anniversary of first ever performance
Led Zeppelin/YouTube

Even nearly four decades following their breakup, Led Zeppelin continue to sit on the throne as one the more popular and marketable acts within mainstream rock music today. Guitarist Jimmy Page spent the last few years working on bringing the audio of their studio recordings into the 21st century with complete reissues of their entire catalog in 2014 and 2015. More recently, the group released their 2003 triple live album, How The West Was Won on vinyl for the first time in celebration of their 50th anniversary in 2018. Now the next project on Jimmy Page’s to-do list will be a complete remastered reissue of The Song Remains the Same, the live soundtrack to their 1976 concert film by the same name.

As Rolling Stone reports, the reissue of the live soundtrack is scheduled to arrive later this year on Sept. 7, marking the 50th anniversary to the day for when the band played their first-ever concert together as the New Yardbirds at the Gladsaxe Teen Club in Gladsaxe, Denmark in 1968. Page had become a member of the popular British invasion act The Yardbirds up until that point, but the band began to fall apart earlier that year, forcing the guitarist to put together a new musical project which would ultimately become Led Zeppelin.

The original soundtrack album included various live recordings from their three-night residency at Madison Square Garden in 1976, at the height of their popularity and creative abilities together. The upcoming reissue will be sold on both CD and vinyl and will be accompanied by either a 24-page or 28-page commemorative booklet. Fans who purchase a vinyl version will also be treated to a handful of live recordings not included on the initial soundtrack. Just to give fans a fair idea of what to expect with the LP reissue, “Dazed & Confused” will have its own entire side of one of the LPs.

The super-deluxe box set will also include both CD and vinyl copies, a DVD of the film with newly added performance and a surround-sound DVD containing a high-definition photo gallery. The box set will also include an essay penned by “Almost Famous” director Cameron Crowe, who famously profiled the band for Rolling Stone in 1975 after years of Led Zeppelin refusing to have anything to do with the music magazine.

Fans can click here to visit the album’s pre-order page on Led Zeppelin’s website.