Legacy Fighting Alliance: The story behind Andrea 'KGB' Lee's controversial nickname
Video by AXS TV Fights

Donny Aaron, head coach at the world-renowned Karate Mafia combat sports training facility, is the brainchild behind Andrea "KGB" Lee's controversial fight nickname.

When Aaron laid eyes on the reigning LFA flyweight champ the first time she walked into his Louisiana gym, he thought she looked like some kind of pretty Russian spy -- the kind you might see in a Hollywood thriller. With fair skin, dirty blond hair, high cheek bones, a round face and exquisite beauty, Aaron's assessment of the youngster was right on the money. 

The 28-year-old did then -- and still very much does -- look like a native of Eastern Europe. Interestingly enough, Lee hails from Texas and has no family ties to Russia. She's a Southern belle more than anything, more likely to sport a cowgirl hat than a ushanka. Long story short, Aaron started calling her "KGB" because the KGB is associated with Russia, and the name quickly caught on.

The "KGB" nickname stuck with Lee throughout her Invicta Fighting Championships career, and she plans to continue on with it as she transitions to the UFC. However, that hasn't stopped critics from chiming in, as some have taken her nickname the wrong way. For those who don't know, the "KGB" is a Russian terror and espionage agency that played a huge part in the tensions between the United States and Russia during the Cold War.

Anonymous trolls on Twitter have taken shots at Lee in the past, saying she's promoting the KGB and all that it stands for. The reality of the situation is far more innocent, as the nickname has everything to do with her looks and nothing to do with promoting espionage.