Les Techno takes you on a trip on 'Whatever Happened to Les Techno?'
Les Techno

NYC psychedelic artist Les Techno, dropped his latest EP, Whatever Happened to Les Techno? a few months ago and you may find yourself wondering, who is Les Techno?

Les Techno is an artist who started out haunting the New York performance scene. He played with bands Sim-Stim and Love Posse and the local NYC band The New Irrelevants. He continues to work on his own music. He’s worked with artists from all over the spectrum, including Onyx, Ava Cherry, Lizzie Tripp and Georgie Blacks, who he produced records for.

His latest release is the five-track EP, Whatever Happened to Les Techno?  which is mostly psychedelic rock inspired but blends elements of funk and pop as well. He dropped the lead single from the EP, “Trophy Wife,” which also received a video seemingly following Ivanka Trump’s journey to the dark side. Check out the video above.

Get a copy of Whatever Happened to Les Techno? on iTunes and make sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates. So far no word on whether Techno will be heading out on tour in support of the release.