Let's Eat Grandma speaks on reaching more fans, second album 'I'm All Ears'
Let's Eat Grandma/YouTube

Alternative pop duo Let's Eat Grandma, childhood friends Jenny Hollingworth and Rosa Walton who came together, released their second set of songs I'm All Ears in June and since have expanded their fanbase. The duo wrapped up their US tour in early fall in support of the album that followed the debut EP I, Gemini and they've transformed into a critically acclaimed act. One of their goals is to attract younger fans.

"We want, obviously, everybody to enjoy us but the fact that we're young ourselves, we kind of wanted young people to relate to it on that level," Let's Eat Grandma told Billboard. "It's about our experience of being a young person."

And while people of all ages attend the concerts, younger people are showing up more which will help the duo expand their musical reach as I'm All Ears gains traction in not only their native U.K. but also in the U.S. At this moment, the music is geared towards firsts in life.

"[It's about] friends being away from Uni, traveling first romantic relationships, growing older, learning things about yourself. The whole thing is that we want people who listen to it to be able to relate to it, and I think because they're going through it at the time, it makes sense that young people would relate a lot to it," Hollingworth says.

I'm All Ears has been catching the attention of music lovers and publications all over with positive reviews of their style with two singles standing out—"Hot Pink" and "It's Not Just Me" along with the longer album cut "Donnie Darko."

Walton said, "We equally like songs that are really long and that you can fully immerse yourself in."

The duo understands that a well-rounded album not only includes a track like "Darko" but also knows that taking on the challenge of writing pop hooks is as equally important when talking about one's life. For Walton and Hollingworth, life isn't about just happy catchy tunes, they describe themselves as "complex and f****d up."

Songs from I'm All Ears have also performed well on Spotify, one of the largest platforms to present music in any capacity. The three aforementioned songs have reached over one million streams. It shows that the diversity of the album is catching on as "Darko" has become a fan favorite in Let's Eat Grandma's young career.

The young act has also learned that some songs need to be cut for radio despite not always being in favor of that, especially to keep attention long enough to enjoy. Songs from their first EP averaged out longer than 5 minutes but on Ears, they've perfected the art of knowing when something is "too much."

Hollingworth says, "We did have a longer intro for 'Hot Pink' but we cut it. I think it was right to do that." "We've gotta think business sometimes," Walton added.

Let's Eat Grandma will be playing a handful of shows in 2019 including a stop at the Sinclair in Cambridge, Massachusetts on April 3. Tickets for the event are on sale now. Pricing and availability can be found by clicking here for event details.

Listen to Let's Eat Grandma's I, Gemini and I'm All Ears on your favorite digital platform.