Light Warriors premiere positive-vibe single, 'Rise Above'
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The genre-bending, reggae jam band, Light Warriors, is fronted by Erik Rabasca, who decided to quit his corporate job and wanted to commit to raising awareness about human rights issues through his music. He combines his love of jazz, reggae, and spirituality, his upcoming album blends genre lines. Rabasca decided to settle on the name of Light Warriors, as it was a great way to create a communal and progressive musical experience.

Rabasca's album is scheduled for a later release this spring. Light Warriors' main goal with his music is to be a positive force in an often negative world. His idea for his singing name and music, came to fruition with Rabasca's love of his preferred music genres, and, focuses on the positive aspect of situations and circumstances that take place in an often lost world that we live in. Although formed just recently in 2015, Rabasca has made great strides with his music. 

With sharing their new single, Light Warriors' Rabasca shares that "Rise Above" is "a bare-knuckled response to the endless murder cycle and resulting family and community destruction by gun violence."