Lil Uzi Vert reportedly hit with bible during show
Travis Scott/Vevo

Anyone who’s ever been to a Phish show knows concerts can get wild. Crowd surfing, mosh pits and flying beer cans are just some of the hazards that can come into play when the lights go down and the music turns up. Artists are usually safe from the kind of collateral nonsense that can take place during shows, with exception of flying debris that can appear out of nowhere from the blinding direction of the audience. That was apparently the case during a Lil Uzi Vert concert recently, when the young rapper reportedly had a Bible thrown onto the stage during his performance the other night.

As The Fader reports, Lil Uzi was singing “XO Tour Llif3” from his Luv Is Rage 2 album when he noticed someone had thrown the good book into his performance space/No-Fly-Zone. The rapper can be seen in the video below picking up the Bible and checking it out while continuing to rap without missing a beat, literally. The report also goes on to state that Rae Sremmurd member Swae Lee was hit in the face with a cell phone during one of their performances at the Starplex Pavilion in Dallas earlier this week, which resulted in the loss of a tooth and stitches.

Folks, don’t throw your stuff at the stage, unless it’s a distastefully tacky 2 Live Crew sweater that your great aunt got your for your graduation that you have no other way of getting rid of. Venue security already has enough trouble getting folks into the show without confiscating nearly everything at this point, so let’s not push their buttons, cool? News of rappers dealing with objects being launched onto the stage this week also comes just a few days after a foolish fan rushed the stage during Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s On The Run II tour late last week, resulting in legal charges being pressed.

Lil Uzi Vert made headlines earlier this year when he teamed up with Travis Scott and Kanye West for a collaborative new single, “Watch.” The song can be heard in the audio-only video seen above.