Lil Yachty celebrates 21st birthday with 'Birthday Mixtape 3' (Listen)

Lil Yachty has decided to celebrate his 21st birthday by releasing a footlong-size mixtape. He brings his musically inclined friends along for the mix including Chief Keef and Lil Boat.

Calling "Birthday Mix 3" a “mixtape” is kind of misleading, in the sense that this is really just one long track. It goes on for 16 minutes, which, for some, may seem like an eternity.

For fans, however, this track won’t seem long enough, especially given the roster that he has on his latest birthday installment, which includes the mixtape god Chief Keef; the up-and-coming YoungBoy Never Broke Again (still one of the longest names in the game), K$upreme, Gunna, and Tripple Redd. Lil Boat supplied the beat, and it’s what one would expect from a Yachty cut, mid-tempo, and slur for maximum pleasure.

Now, this will not be all from the colorful rapper, as he has hinted to another mixtape in the works. Until then, fans will have "Birthday Mix 3," a track that stays on course and, remarkably, doesn’t stumble given the running time. 

Take a listen to the mixtape above.

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