Lil Yachty is starring in MTV's 'How High 2' movie
ViralWavetv Entertainment/YouTube

MTV is doing a sequel to the 2001 stoner comedy film "How High," and has signed Lil Yachty to be one of the stars of "How High 2," which is filming in Atlanta, and will premiere sometime in 2019. The original "How High" starred Method Man and Redman as two pot-smoking slackers who smoke a strain of marijuana that contains the ashes of a deceased friend, who appears as a ghost every time they smoke the weed. The two friends also find out that smoking the pot improves their test scores, and they end up getting into Harvard University, where more hijinks ensue.

There's no word yet on who else is in the "How High 2" cast, but an announcement from MTV says that the sequel will keep the same concept of two friends who are heavy pot smokers. Instead of being Harvard students, the two buddies in the sequel want to start a business for on-demand munchies.

"How High 2" is directed by Bruce Leddy ("Last Week Tonight with John Oliver," "MADtv"), with a screenplay by Alex Blagg, Neel Shah, Shawn Ries and Artie Johann. Lil Yachty is one of the executive producers of "How High 2," along with Kevin "Coach K" Lee, Pierre "Pee" Thomas and Brian Sher. Josh Vodnoy, Morgana Rosenberg and Jason Goldberg are executive Producers for MTV. The producers are Mike Elliott and Shauna Garr, who was a producer of the original "How High."

Lil Yachty was the voice of Green Lantern in the 2018 animated film "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies," but "How High 2" will be his debut as an actor in a live-action feature film that's made for television. He's filming "How High 2" in between stops on his fall 2018 U.S. tour.

The original "How High" movie flopped with audiences and critics, so it's not surprising that a sequel won't be in theaters. MTV is producing "How High 2" with Universal 1440 Entertainment, the production division for Universal Home Entertainment, which will release the movie on home video after it premieres on MTV.