Lil Yachty sets sail at the Ogden Theatre

The preternaturally gleeful Lil Yachty brought his upbeat presence to the Ogden Theatre Tuesday night, drenching the crowd—both figuratively and literally—with a nautical themed celebration.

Touring in support of his recently released debut studio album, Teenage Emotions, Yachty played a mix of old and new tracks with the help of the entire Sailing Team who transitioned back and forth between energetic hype-men (and women) duties and fiddling with their phones on the prop couch that was part of the stage setup.

Himself less than a month removed from adolescence, Yachty still embodies a childlike exuberance for life as evidenced by his signature pink beaded braids, colorful clothing and the portion of the show where the crew showers the crowd with a combination of cereal, candy, chips and water.

The crowd leaned heavily toward the 16+ side of the spectrum and the floor was a mass of moshing bodies, word-for-word singalongs and amateur smartphone videographers. At one point, the night’s captain invited fans onstage to see who could give the best rendition of the auto-tune inflected devotional “Made of Glass.” And, despite the best efforts of shirtless, highly-excitable, selfie-prone bro who seemed like he’d been practicing, Yachty, not surprisingly, laid down the best version.

Considering Lil Yachty didn’t release his first mixtape until last year, the list of collaborators on Teenage is indicative of his zeitgeist-savvy, bankable personality. Migos shows up on the explicit “Peek a Boo” and Diplo lends a hand on the Las Vegas day-party ready “Forever Young.” YG raps and Kamaiyah croons on “All Around Me” and the Sailing Team fills in the gaps on the rest of the album.

Yachty has a knack for being able to bounce between braggadocio (“Priorities”), love ballads (“Made of Glass”) and tear-jerkers (“Momma”), but possibly nowhere does he shine more than on the steel drum-driven “Better,” a vehicle that allows him to spread his eccentric brand of positivity. Often simplistic (“without you/I’d be blue”) the sentiment seems sincere: “Don’t settle for less/cause then you’ll miss out on more.” 

Yachty's tour continues with a performance at Rebel in Toronto on Sept. 13. Click this link to get tickets to select dates here on