Lil Yachty teams up with Donny Osmond for Chef Boyardee jingle
Chef Boyardee Throwback YouTube

Lil Yachty and Donny Osmond are serving up a crazy new commercial jingle for Chef Boyardee that’s loaded with extra cheese. In the hilarious ad, the two artists who hail from different music eras share a mutual craving for the classic canned pasta and neither one can get enough. The song is called “Start the Par-dee” and finds Yachty and Osmond rapping about the virtues of the multi-generational food in a ‘70s-style kitchen. (Watch the ad above).

It rains ravioli as Lil Yachty kicks off the song with “Chef, Boyardee/Start the Par-Dee.” Meanwhile, Donny Osmond strolls into Yachty’s recording space and watches him while eating a bowl of ravioli before breaking out into his own rap. “My name is Donny O. and you know I love my ravi-os/I’m gonna let ya know/Sauce it up, sauce it up, here we go.”

The pair cruise along in a vintage yellow convertible with Chef Boyardee headshot cut-outs dangling from the rearview mirror as they speed through rolling green screen backdrops of cityscapes, underwater scenes, a rollercoaster and more. In other moments, the duo dance, sit on top of giant cans of ravioli and Yachty even plays a giant fork like a guitar.

The cheese-dripping, tomato-flying video is a must-see for anyone and everyone who grew up with the “Thank goodness for Chef Boyardee” slogan. And, as Donny O. puts it Chef Boyardee is loved by all: “Older or younger and in-between.” Give us some more, more, more!

Lil Yachty is currently touring on The Disrespect Tour, including a stop at The Catalyst Atrium in Santa Cruz, California on Nov. 28. (Tickets). Stay tuned to AXS for Lil Yachty and Donny Osmond updates.