Wes Borland posts photo of new album sessions for 'The Astral Hand' on Aug. 6, 2017

Wes Borland posts photo of new album sessions for 'The Astral Hand' on Aug. 6, 2017

Wes Borland/Instagram/thewesborland

Following up on his 2016 album Crystal Machete, Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit is beginning the process of recording the "sequel" to that record. Taking to his Instagram account, he stylistically posted a photo of music equipment making the announcement that The Astral Hand is now in the works.

"And FYI: "I climbed the mountaintop to the cave of Dagoth and swam under the statue of Ith, through the hidden river, and beyond the portals that dare travelers off the path, knowingly or unknowingly. I cheated a thousand deaths there and stood firmly in the halls of the ancients. I drank of the waters beyond Ith and knew what it was to be burdened with the wisdom of the universe. I thought in many tongues as I crept towards the alter and kneeled beyond that bloodied throne that so many mortals have coveted. I knelt at that alter and felt --THE ASTRAL HAND-- of Raybienecsh pierce the dimensional divide and as it came to rest on my humble shoulder mine eyes traveled towards the heavens. There upon the alter appeared that talisman of dread, that weapon of might. The Crystal Machete was there in my sight," he wrote with the photo.

The Astral Hand has no release date as of yet and few details are available and based on the Instagram post, Borland looks to be in the writing and recording process. Though it is his second solo LP using his name, he's been associated with multiple acts since his time in Limp Bizkit. He's currently the lead vocalist for Black Light Burns with the last album, Lotus Island, being released in early 2013. He and Scott Borland also formed Big Dumb Face which made a return in 2017 and has hinted at new music as well.

Borland's first solo LP Crystal Machete was released via his own label Edison Sound Records in May 2016. The album's guidelines were set with no human vocals, no distorted guitars and as little help as possible. Machete was created as a "soundtrack" to an 80s-like movie that doesn't exist and was a departure from what he had done in Limp Bizkit. Growing out of the youthful, rebellious emotion, Borland composed something different, an epic instrumental, that would stand up against the test of time instead of aiming to shock fans. The Astral Hand appears that it will continue the post-rock concept.