Listen: Aaron Watson’s upbeat new song ‘Kiss That Girl Goodbye’
Aaron Watson/YouTube

Country singer-songwriter Aaron Watson is ready to take on the major hitters in the genre once more with a new album due out this year. The brand new song "Kiss That Girl Goodbye" is an offering from the upcoming album Red Bandana to be released on his own label, Big Label Records

"Kiss That Girl Goodbye" is an upbeat country anthem that looks to storm the charts laced with banjos and clapping hands. "If there ever was a good day/ It's the day that boy can kiss that girl goodbye/ Just like a red-eye flight," Watson sings in the bouncy chorus.

The release of "Kiss" follows a holiday set and a live album in 2018. It will be Watson's third album of new material since 2017's Vaquero that debuted at No. 10 on the almighty Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. Prior to, Watson's 2015 album The Underdog reached No. 1 on the country albums tallies all on his own merit.

Listen to the sassy "Kiss That Girl Goodbye" above.