Listen: BBC Sound of 2018 winner, Sigrid, releases new song 'Raw'
BBC Music/YouTube

Synth-pop singer, Sigrid, is a 21-year-old with a great big voice. The release of her latest single this week titled "Raw," came in conjunction with her win for the BBC Sound of 2018 Award. 

Standing on her own two strong feet stylistically, but drawing inspiration from  Adele, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, the Norwegian singer first received international attention with her song "Don't Kill My Vibe." In the empowered anthem, Sigrid gives an indication that she is growing into her strength as a person and likely as an artist with the lyrics "I throw myself from heights that used to scare me." 

In her new song, 'Raw,' Sigrid brings a vulnerability and starkness reminiscent of Willow Smith's "I'm Me." She begins with "If I show I'm fragile would you go ahead and find somebody else?" The song maintains the unapologetic realness as Sigrid wears no makeup and is often seen in plain clothing with no embellishment. 

You can watch Sigrid perform "Raw" above and find tickets to see Sigrid live in Los Angeles right here on AXS. Click here for tickets