Listen: Bob Mould releases new song 'Lost Faith'
YouTube/Merge Records on YouTube

Bob Mould is an alternative rock legend, lending his guitar, songwriting, and vocal ability to bands such as Husker Du and Sugar.

Today, Mould is firmly into his solo career and has released a new song that everyone should pay attention to. Titled “Lost Faith,’ the premise behind the song is to try to find the light within a darkening world. In addition to the release of the single, Mould also released the music video to the song, and it is just as powerful.

Set in Berlin, the character of the video is trying to find some sort of normalcy within a world that is growing dimmer by the day. It touches on a number of topics, such as border security and government surveillance. Hitting on these themes, it would seem like “Lost Faith” would be a grim song, but, in actuality, the single is meant to be an uplifting song, one that will be quite a catch for those listening.

It was a smart move by Mould to release “Lost Faith” as a positive song, because the theme of it would be downright depressing if it was made into a ballad. Hopefully, “Lost Faith” will catch on and become a hit on the charts, as it should be.

Check out the video above.