"I Have Questions" cover

"I Have Questions" cover

Photo courtesy of Camila Cabello's Twitter account / Epic Records

Pop singer Camila Cabello premiered her new song "I Have Questions" on May 21. She opens up on the dark ballad.

"I Have Questions" is one of the songs on Cabello's upcoming solo album, The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving. It follows the former Fifth Harmony member's debut single, "Crying in the Club." In an Instagram post last week, Camila revealed she starting writing "Questions" on a bathroom floor while feeling broken on a 5H tour over a year ago. Her pain comes through clear as day on the personal release.

Cabello co-wrote "I Have Questions" with Sia producer Jesse Shatkin. Violin strings opens the tune as Camila recounts a one-sided relationship. "Why would you try to play me for a fool? / I should have never ever trusted you," she belts. Trap-lite beats later hit and back Cabello's heartbreaking performance. Instead of staying a victim, she's a survivor on this haunting and honest interrogation session.

"I Have Questions" is now available on iTunes and Apple Music. Fans will recognize the song as the intro to the music video for "Crying in the Club." Cabello has not yet announced a firm release date for her debut album.

Listen to "I Have Questions" on Spotify here.