Listen: Carly Rae Jepsen releases latest pop ballad 'Party for One'

Carly Rae Jepsen is perfectly fine partying all by herself.

Released on Nov. 1, Jepsen’s new single, “Party for One,” is being billed as the quintessential anthem of celebrating one’s self. Jepsen has been promising her fans that a new single from her upcoming fourth album was coming, and she delivered just in time for the holiday season.

In a statement obtained by Pitchfork, Jepsen explained the meaning of “Party for One,” and why she feels the song may resonate with so many of her fans. “To me ‘Party for One’ is an anthem of what it is to celebrate time with yourself, which is a hard thing for people to really enjoy sometimes,” she said in the statement.

The video to “Party for One” shows Jespsen walking into a hotel lobby to check in, only to be greeted by a front desk attendant who, for some reason, dunks his head in a loaf of bread. In her hotel room, the video shows Jespsen switching channels on the television, until the song launches into her -- and other characters -- partying by themselves.

As mentioned earlier, “Party for One” will be the lead single to her fourth LP, in which details have yet to be released. Until then, check out the video for “Party for One” above.