Listen: Conor Oberst debuts back to back singles
the smallest one / YouTube

It is often exciting for fans when a musician they love releases a new single. For fans of Conor Oberst, fans got double the pleasure on Wednesday when the singer-songwriter released two brand-new songs back-to-back.

Rolling Stone named Oberst, best known for Bright Eyes, the Best Songwriter of 2008 and he is now back for much more a decade later. After disbanding Bright Eyes in 2011, Oberst has worked with a few other bands but has focused on his solo music as well.

The new songs are both solo projects. "No One Changes" is a piano song while "The Rockaways" is an acoustic song. Both tracks are very reminiscent of his 2016 album Ruminations. Former Bright Eyes member Nathaniel Walcott is along for the ride with some keyboard work on "The Rockaways."

The two new songs are available now on digital but he has other plans for them as well. Oberst plans to release the two singles as a double A-side 7" single Feb. 1, 2019. Both of the new songs can be heard at Oberst's official website and the vinyl edition is already up for presale for $9.

Just a warning. Both of the songs are very sad. "No One Changes" talks about hate and loathing of oneself since childhood while "The Rockaways" is about trying to remember the good times after a breakup. It is very much a callback to Oberst's days in Bright Eyes.