Listen: Courtney Cooper puts out mysterious 'Vibes' with new single
Courtney Cooper/YouTube

Emerging pop artist Courtney Cooper is back with another electro-pop single, hoping to intrigue audiences as she continues her climb toward the top of the charts. Listen to "Vibes" by playing the video above, then stream the single on Spotify and download it on iTunes.

"Vibes" is the second single that the Brooklyn-based artist has released in 2018, following last month's "Cosmos." According to the single's press release, both songs are steps toward Cooper's sophomore album, which will be available later this year. She's putting out a lot of music this summer, made all the more impressive by the fact that she's just getting started.

Who is Courtney Cooper and why should music fans care? Her official biography classifies her as one of the "leftwing pop singers," and she's also well trained as a graduate from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. In a short period of time, she's self-started her career, launching a successful Kickstarter campaign for fans to help fund her debut album The Light back in 2015 and collaborating with a number of other artists. She even self-produced and self-edited the music video for her follow-up single "Only Love." Where many people aspire to be recording artists, Cooper took the initiative to make it happen, and that's a story any music fan can appreciate.

But she also has the talent to back up that story. "Vibes" is an appropriate name for a song that puts the audience right in Courtney Cooper's headspace. It's sultry and languid, inviting the listener to want to know more about who she is and what she's going to do next. She's putting out a hook to get people interested, but also being a little mystery, as if she's saving the best for the full record. It's not typical pop; it's a song that's open to interpretation - and addiction. Get a taste of the song by playing the video above.

"Vibes" is now available on iTunes. Courtney Cooper does not currently have any tour dates scheduled to coincide with her single releases, but perhaps she'll be on the road once her album arrives. Music fans can keep up with future announcements at her website, Facebook and Instagram.

For more on Courtney Cooper, visit her official website.