Listen: David Bowie's 'Zeroes' gets reworked for 'Loving the Alien' box set

Perhaps no other artist was able to successfully reinvent themselves time and time again the way David Bowie had. With that being said, it's fitting that "Zeroes" a genre-defining song from his 1987 album, Never Let Me Down, has been reworked in celebration of the upcoming Loving The Alien box set. The set is due to be released on Oct. 21 while the reworked single, titled "Zeroes, 2018" will be available on limited edition vinyl from Bowie's website on Sept. 7. According to, "Zeroes" was essentially “the ultimate happy-go-lucky rock tune, based in the nonsensical period of psychedelia”. It's also mentioned that the lyrics of "Zeroes" are a reference to a song by another musical icon, Prince and his 1982 hit "Little Red Corvette". 

The upcoming box set is slated to include a previously unreleased live album titled Serious Moonlight as well as rarities, B-Sides and other unreleased recordings. Amongst the treasure trove of unreleased music will be songs from the soundtracks of some of Bowie's films, including LabyrinthAbsolute Beginners, and When the Wind Blows.

The upcoming box set serves as a tribute to a period in the 1980s when Bowie was evolving personas once again, but this time, instead of a radical, visibly unique persona, Bowie instead began to mold into the more humanistic, relatable artist that we eventually knew from the late 80s until his death in 2016. Bowie was more than just a sparkly side-show attraction at that point, he was almost to the point of a living legend and therefore his music and persona seemed to reflect that evolution is his artistic career. Whether you're a die-hard Bowie fanatic or just a casual fan, the Loving The Alien box set should be a pleasant reminder to the brilliance we were able to experience in real time and the lasting memory of one of music's all-time greats. 

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