Listen: Ed Sheeran covers Britney Spears and nails it
Ed Sheeran YouTube

Ed Sheeran covered Britney Spears to celebrate Spotify’s 100 Singles celebration and he nailed it, yet again; not that we would expect anything less from global pop superstar. He chose Spears’ breakout smash hit, “… Baby One More Time” and paired it with a live Spotify Studio version of his Top 10 love letter to his hometown “Castle on the Hill.”

In “Baby,” Sheeran puts his signature, soulful stamp on the iconic dance-ready late ‘90s track. His raspy growl explodes over his acoustic guitar as he pleads, “Give me a sign! Hit me baby one more time!”

Sheeran’s interpretation is hot and reminds us why this track caught on like wildfire back in its Grammy-nominated heyday. The song exudes power in its longing. Back then, a sweet, blonde, Disney pop princess was coming into her own as more of a pop diva and a musical force to be reckoned with. Will we ever forget Spears’ demure Catholic School girl persona in the chart-topping track’s official music video?

As with every cover he smashes, Sheeran’s take on it feels so organic, we would swear the song was his own– or, at the very least, that he penned it for Spears. While most of Sheeran’s peers regard him as a musical genius, writing this track would have been impossible, since the song was released when the British crooner was a mere seven-years-old.

The bottom line: Ed Sheeran slays this song and this sweet pair of tracks compel us to crank them up in our playlist as we take off on our next summer road trip adventure.

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