Listen: Evaride land a major punch with their latest single 'Warrior'
Evaride Official/YouTube

Rockers Evaride have just released their next single "Warrior" and it packs a punch that will floor music fans.

"Warrior" is a new pop-rock anthem that will energize and inspire anyone who needs to get back in the proverbial fight. It's big, it's loud and it's unapologetically positive; in a rock landscape where so many songs rev up the listener but don't necessarily have much to say, "Warrior" is a massive single with a message. While it's easy to enjoy purely because it's catchy, the real hook is that the duo are trying so hard to encourage everyone who hears it.

"We hope this is an anthem to encourage people to take a stand for others and have people's backs," Evaride told AXS in an exclusive email statement. "We are all in this crazy thing called life together, and we all have a true warrior inside us!"

What separates Evaride from the pop-rockers who have come before is their interesting combination of talents. According to the single's press release, guitarist Hayden Maringer has worked as a touring guitarist for some of the biggest pop stars in the business, including Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez and Carrie Underwood. Evaride's singer Sean Michael Murray actually hails not from the recording studio but from Broadway; he performed in the Green Day musical "American Idiot" alongside the band's lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong.

That combination of Broadway backstory with mainstream pop-rock sensibility helps "Warrior" stand out above the rest. Broadway singers are conditioned to turn songs into great stories, playing to live audiences every night on stage, and Murray applies that skill excellently on the single, because it truly feels like he's making a direct appeal to the listener.

Maringer's instrumentals give the song the musical hooks it needs to catch the audience's ear, and get them interested in what the song is trying to say. They complement each other in the best way, and any fan who wants to get excited about pop-rock music again should give this single a listen. Hear it now by playing the video above.

"Warrior" is now available on iTunes and available to stream on Spotify. Evaride do not currently have any tour dates announced in support of his new music, but fans can keep up with announcements of future show dates on their website.