Listen: Geographer creates synth-pop gold with 'Alone Time' EP

Geographer is a band that doesn’t take its art lightly.

This is a one-man band that understands that it takes time to create a masterpiece, one that resonates so well and so personal with its audience. This is why Geographer, headed by Mike Deni, doesn’t release albums on back-to-back years. Sure, it could be done, but oftentimes, that dilutes the quality of the music that an artist tries to create.

It’s been three years since the one-man synth-pop band released an album of new material. Those previous albums, the Endless Motion: Vo. 1 EP and the full-length Ghost Modern, were simply fantastic, both in sonics and in the song selection. Those two albums did more than just further justify that Geographer was a band worth investing time in, but, also solidified that synth-pop still has a place in the modern music world.

In the three years between those two albums and Alone Time, the band’s third-EP and sixth album overall, Deni wrote over 100 songs, which was then witted down to the five tracks that the listener will hear on this LP. The time that it took to create such a beautiful EP really shows on all of the album’s tracks.

One thing to note is that Alone Time is not an uptempo record, not in the slightest. You have a couple of mid-tempo grooves on the EP, such as the haunting “So Low” and “Foolish,” a slice of sonic gold that really brings out the landscape that Geographer is trying to create. Outside of those two tracks, this EP is slow and emotional.

Naturally, some may equate “slow” with an album that lacks energy, and one would not be wrong to define Alone Time within that definition. It certainly isn’t high energy, but what Alone Time lacks in the up-tempo groove it more than makes up for in heart and emotion.

It’s like the listener feels the emotions that Deni pours onto Alone Time. Take “Lonely” for example, a track that will have one diving for a tissue box. It’s so personal, so emotional, that the true beauty of the song is hard to ignore, even for those who are not into emotional songs.

In short, Alone Time is a synth-pop masterpiece. It isn’t a fast pace record like its synth-pop contemporaries, but it's heartfelt, which is a trait that many of Geographer’s peers could take lessons on.

Check out the full album below.