LISTEN: Get a taste of Kelly Clarkson's new album with she and Aloe Blacc's 'Love Goes On' from 'The Shack'
Atlantic Records/YouTube

Kelly Clarkson and Aloe Blacc blend their soulful voices together on the track "Love Goes On" released by Atlantic Records for the new motion picture "The Shack."

The motion picture based on the Christian novel "The Shack" tells the story of a man who lost his daughter to murder and begins questioning his faith while plunging into depression. Mack receives a mysterious letter to return to the place where the tragedy occurred despite his doubts and finds an enigmatic trio that guides him. He finds truths and reshapes his understanding of such tragedy. He changes his life. The film will be released in theaters on March 3 and the soundtrack was released Feb. 24 with several top names in music that convey important messages.

"Love Goes On" is a song about looking back, feeling broken and lonely, but knowing the past is always there. The song begins with Blacc's soothing vocals singing, "If now was then/ And we were together again/ I would listen more/ But now I miss you more/ Never been to a dark place/ Starred loneliness in the face/ At the lowest of my lows."

The two join together in the modern urban chorus proclaiming that even something so broken can be healed with love. "Nothing's really gone/ We bring the past along/ And love goes on," Clarkson and Blacc sing.

Next up is Clarkson taking the lead with husky phrases still reeling from the past, wishing it could be changed asking if the pain will ever subside. The two once again come together in the bridge with sweet soul runs complementing each other before one last go in the chorus.

As previously announced after a series of Facebook Live cover songs, Kelly Clarkson will be releasing a new album in 2017 and will be her first under Atlantic Records. She's described the set as an album she's been wanting to make since she was on "American Idol," a soulful record reminiscent to her song choices on the show which include hits by Aretha Franklin and Mariah Carey. The album that she said is sounding like Carey and Whitney Houston is expected to kick off in mid-spring with the first single and the album to follow towards the end of the season, early summer.

Listen to "Love Goes On" here: