Listen: Jack Antonoff's Bleachers is back with new single 'Don't Take the Money'
Bleachers / YouTube

Pop singer-songwriter Jack Antonoff is back with his music project Bleachers. He released the new single "Don't Take the Money" on March 31.

Antonoff launched Bleachers in 2014 with the debut album Stranger Desire, which featured hits like "I Wanna Get Better" and "Rollercoaster." In the years that followed, Jack focused on writing and producing music for artists like Taylor Swift, Zayn and Lorde. Bleachers returns with "Don't Take the Money."

Lorde returned the favor and co-wrote "Don't Take the Money" with Antonoff. She also does a bit of background vocals. Like previous Bleachers' singles, Jack's latest is more '80s-inspired goodness. Guitars and glowing, rolling synths back Antonoff fighting for love. "Your hand's forever all I want / Don't take the money," he sings. Antonoff coins the title as his own way of saying don't give in. Bleachers strikes pop paydirt with another blast from the past anthem.

"Don't Take the Money" is now available on iTunes and Apple Music. Bleachers is going on a spring tour at the end of the month, which kicks off in New York City.