Listen: Kelly Clarkson contributes 'The Cry Inside' to indie film 'The Secret Scripture'

Three-time Grammy Award winner Kelly Clarkson is putting the final touches on her seventh non-holiday studio album for a 2017 release later in the year. Since she announced that she left RCA Records and is now on Atlantic Records, fans have had to wait patiently for new music. In between that time, she's released several live cover songs from previous tours, a children's book and recorded a track for the film "The Shack" as well as a song for "Hamilton" ("It's Quiet Uptown"). However, there is one song that general fans may have not heard. In 2016, Clarkson contributed her voice to the indie film "The Secret Scripture" on the song "The Cry Inside."

"The Cry Inside" has been a known gem in the Clarkson community for some time but it was only in 2017, less than two months ago, that snippets of quality began hitting the internet. The song is now available in full but the music in the film has yet to see a proper release. On May 19, the film was released in the United Kingdom and Ireland after a September premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

Clarkson as always shines vocally on "The Cry Inside." Though it is not her typical power anthems or ballads, the adult contemporary sounding song is further proof that no matter the material put before her, she can continuously deliver. Clarkson uses her sweeter tones to effortlessly sing the spiritual song even when she reaches for higher notes. She remains in control throughout with no audible wavering. "Cry" isn't a "Piece by Piece" or "Because of You" but is at most a song that is worth having in any Kelly Clarkson collection for her diverse stylings.

"To whom do I talk when I talk to God/ To whom do I really pray?" she begins in the piano and string-led offering. "I pray for the light from a dying star/ That dies in its flames everyday/ I pray for the light that comes from the night/ That comes from that star far away," she continues in the heartbreaking song.

"The Secret Scripture" film is based on the novel of the same name by Sebastian Berry. It tells the story of a 100-year-old woman who has been in a mental facility for more than half of her life. She writes about her life and that of her parents, unsure if she wants her story to be shared. Hiding the story under floorboards, eventually the building is to demolished and the chief psychiatrist has to decide who gets transferred and who will return to civilian life. As he uncovers the woman's history, there are differing stories as to why she was incarcerated, but it is found that she was victim to religious and political upheavals in the 1920s and 1930s in Ireland.