Listen: King of Nowhere premiere politically-charged single 'Pigeons'
King of Nowhere

Alt-rock group King of Nowhere are a dynamic and experimental rock group that capture their love of music with intimate and emotional soundscapes. The band has been in the studio recording their upcoming album throughout most of this year, and touring the east coast. Their impending album is titled Blooms Hang Heavy. This project incorporates experimental and ambient heavy rock with potent, raw lyrics that explore the difficulties and flaws within the American system. 

The members of the band came together recently in 2013 in Western Massachusetts. Their inception was very organic, and have since reunited in their current form in New York. Blooms Hang Heavy marks the bands first release with their current line-up, including a more heavier and focused sound, and will be released on Sept. 10. 

The band has teamed up with AXS to premiere their upcoming album's debut, heart-wrenching single "Pigeons," which fuses the intimate with the heavy that explores pain and anger that comes with being defeated. Listen in the music box featured in this article below. The songwriting force behind this special song, Jesse French explains to AXS that "'Pigeons' was written when I had first moved to New York and was staying with our bass player, Dylan. It grew out of a long conversation I had with this guy who was living outside, and is part of me processing the intensity of seeing extreme wealth and poverty existing right next to each other, and the ways that our spaces are designed to keep people out. We did most of the basic tracks up in a studio in Vermont, then finished recording and mixing here in NYC."

The band will be playing an upcoming release show at Sunnyvale in NYC. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here

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