Listen: L.A.-based artist Andre Writer heats things up with ‘No Matter What’
Andre Writer

“No Matter What” isn’t just the title of L.A.-based singer/songwriter Andre Writer’s latest single, it seems to be his mantra when it comes to breaking into the world of R&B. While a lot of today’s popularized R&B tends to toy with rhythm and blues, most of what you hear combines elements of pop, soul, funk, hip hop, gospel and electronic dance music. Writer is an emerging artist who has made it his mission to bring a bit of “sexy” back to the genre, which, these days, tends to get lost in the mix of hip hop.

Produced by Omar “Mirakle” Rueano, “No Matter What” is the kind of song that a lot of old school R&B lovers can relate to. Whether you hear it in a car, a club, at a party or your own home, the song mixes a vibe that’s both fun and provocative, leading to a sound that's bound to add a little extra sizzle to your summer.

No Matter What” is just a taste of things to come. The artist’s new EP should be dropping sometime this summer.

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