Listen: Maite Perroni goes 'Loca' on new collaboration with Cali & El Dandee
Sair Official / Maite Perroni / YouTube

Mexican pop star Maite Perroni premiered her new single "Loca" on May 12. Colombian duo Cali & El Dandee feature on the dance track.

"Loca" (English: "Crazy") is Perroni's first single since last year's "Adicta," which saw her break into the dance music world. She rose to prominence in 2004 on a worldwide level as a member of RBD before releasing her debut album, 2013's Eclipse de Luna. That record was heavy on Latin pop ballads and "Adicta" marked a more upbeat direction for Maite. She continues the trend with "Loca."

With reggaeton collaborations taking over the Latin music scene once again, Perroni throws her hat into the ring with "Loca." Tropical production with hard-hitting beats back Maite and Cali & El Dandee trading verses. She's already got a man but the duo do their best to win her over. The love conflict yields emotional performances from both parties. Perroni's "Loca" is a rhythmic and ravishing release with Cali & El Dandee on deck.

"Loca" is now available on iTunes and Apple Music. No word yet on when to expect Perroni's second studio album.