Listen: Method Man shares new single 'Grand Prix' off upcoming album

Johnny Blaze, Hott Nikkels, Tical, whatever you call him Mr. Mef is back. Method Man premiered a new single via Billboard Thursday (Aug. 9) to herald his upcoming project Meth Lab II: Lithium. Lyrically “Grand Prix” is classic Meth: killer wordplay delivered smoothly and yet with an edge like katana swords swinging. For the new project, Meth teamed back up with Wu-Tang affiliate Anthony “Hanz On” Messado--who also helmed the first outing in the Meth Lab series--of Hanz On Music. Musically, the beat still has that dark, Shaolin feel but also a more contemporary trap sound. You can listen to “Grand Prix” in the video above.

As Meth told Billboard, fans were less than enthused with the first installment of the Meth Lab series, which arrived in 2015. "Every song on there had somebody else on it with the exception of one song that I did by myself,” Meth said. If “Grand Prix” is any indication, the sequel will be more pure Meth, although some big names like Snoop Dogg will feature on the album. Also look forward to future installments of the series, which will be laid out like TV episodes. “I want it to feel like it’s a TV show. Either a bad one, or a good one, or a polarizing one. As long as it’s a show.”