Listen: Mika lives it up on new single 'It's My House'
Mika / YouTube

U.K. singer-songwriter Mika released his new single "It's My House" on Oct. 20. He lives it up in his humble abode.

"It's My House" is Mika's first single since releasing his last album, 2015's No Place in Heaven, which featured songs like "Talk About You," "Good Guys" and "Staring at the Sun." Mika's latest tune also doubles as the theme song to his new Italian TV show "Stasera casa Mika" (English: "Mika's House").

Mika penned "It's My House" with James Arthur co-writer Jonathan Quarmby and Fiona Bevan, the woman behind Steps' comeback track "Scared of the Dark." Horns kick off the song before bouncy beats soundtrack Mika offering up his spot for a good time. "This house is yours and mine / You can always stick around," he sings. "House" recalls the dance music of the '90s with all its funky and feel good vibes. Mika's got the perfect place lined-up to get the party started.

"It's My House" is now available on iTunes and Apple Music. No word yet if the single will lead to a new Mika album.