Listen: Missy Elliott rounds up Lil Kim, Trina and Eve for queens-only remix of 'I'm Better'
Missy Elliott / YouTube

Hip-hop superstar Missy Elliott released a remix of her song "I'm Better" on May 23. She assembles fellow rap queens Lil Kim, Trina and Eve for the occasion.

Elliott originally released "I'm Better" in January as a collaboration with producer Lamb. It's one of the songs previewing her upcoming seventh studio album. Lamb's sinister trap beats backed Missy as she went in on the current state of hip-hop. "Bruce Lee on this the beat / I don't compete with none of these geeks," she boasted. As if "Better" couldn't get any better, she called up Lil Kim, Trina and Eve for the remix.

On the "I'm Better" remix, Elliott takes a step back and serves as an MC to the trio. Lil Kim leads the charge and flaunts her extravagant lifestyle. "This fur on me like I fought an ape / I'm killin' 'em, yellow tape," she spits. Trina follow suit and goes off with the most aggressive verse. "I set bars and them b**ches only settin' trends," she raps. Ruff Ryder Eve rounds out the collaboration. "Man, I'm too stuck in my ways / Countin' this money for days," she adds. The hip-hop icons come together for a big-talking banger that holds it down for the ladies.

The "I'm Better" remix featuring Lil Kim, Trina and Eve is now available on iTunes and Apple Music. No word yet on when to expect Missy's next album. See the original version of "I'm Better" below.