Listen: Nine Inch Nails alum Michael Tuller releases new soundtrack
Neal Acree/YouTube

Michael Tuller is best known for the two years he spent touring as a part of Nine Inch Nails, but he's also moved into the world of composing. Tuller collaborated with Neal Acree on the music for the new thriller "Animal World," and you can sample their impressively strange new sound by playing the video above before purchasing the full album on iTunes.

Tuller, also credited by his nickname Blumpy, is the latest Nine Inch Nails veteran to create music for film and television. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross earned a Grammy Award for their work on the album for "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" while Charlie Clouser's composing work includes the "Saw" film franchise and "Wayward Pines." It seems that something about the industrial rock band lends itself to crafting new sounds for visual media, as Tuller's team-up with video game veteran Acree ("Overwatch" and "World of Warcraft") is just as oddly intriguing as the movie itself.

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"Animal World" is based on the Japanese anime series "Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji" and, per the album's press release, will be available in the United States on Netflix. It focuses on a teenager who must use all of his overactive imagination to defeat an enigmatic villain at his own game. The record is similarly imaginative, blending sounds of high energy and fantasy with more sinister elements that hint at the bad things the hero has to overcome. There's no album quite like this, so Nine Inch Nails fans, fans of movie music, or people just wanting to take a musical adventure will want to give it a listen.

Music fans can also see the current Nine Inch Nails roster live when they perform at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado on Tuesday, Sept. 18 and Wednesday, Sept. 19. Tickets for both shows range from $79.50 to $125.00 and are on sale now through AXS, available for the Tuesday concert here and the Wednesday concert here. For more upcoming shows at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, visit the AXS venue page.

Animal World: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is now available on iTunes: Below is the album's complete track listing; hear additional samples by clicking the links:

1. I Am Crazy
2. Bad Ass (feat. Christopher Szebeni)
3. Fight The Sickness
4. Is There An End To This?
5. Black Rider
6. Rooftop
7. Vision
8. The Loan
9. The Chase
10. Chasing A Dream
11. Destiny
12. Let The Games Begin
13. Dream
14. Backup
15. The Team
16. The Plan
17. Putting On An Act
18. Early Elimination
19. Buying Rocks
20. Scottish Black Sheep
21. Scissors Running Low
22. Stuck In Mud
23. The Odds
24. Mine Is Scissors
25. Take Action
26. Go With Rocks
27. Play With Me
28. Last Round
29. Betrayed
30. Where's The Gauze
31. Redeem Him
32. Getting Out
33. Setting Things Right
34. Connecting The Past
35. Animal World (feat. Chris Lee)
36. I Am Crazy (instrumental version)
37. Redeem Him (instrumental version)

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