Listen: Ovtlier release metal cover of Taylor Swift's '...Ready For It?'

You’ve never heard of Ovtlier, but you soon will. These Rochester, N.Y. rock n’ rollers have created a heavy-hitting rendition of Taylor Swift’s “...Ready For It?” that’s intense and crushing. Featuring dark gutturals and more melodic clean vocals, the song cruises many dynamics while staying on message. Besides the instrumentals and metal infusion on Ovtlier’s version, the biggest difference between their version and Swift’s is the underlying swag and funk that melds with their heavy breakdowns to keep it danceable.

The original song is found on Swift’s latest album, reputation, and hosts a darker, more seductive attitude. Having a reputation for changing her persona and image each album cycle, with reputation Swift has been attempting to present an edgier and more alluring image. This Taylor wears darker make-up and seeks to push past her once docile perception. So, maybe Ovtlier’s rendition is just the thing the “new” T.Swift needed?

When asked why they chose to cover this song, vocalist Joey Arena told New Noise Magazine, “We chose to have fun with a song that was written with a dark vibe. Taylor kills the game every time she puts something out and we felt that this song, in particular, could bring forth our love for dynamics. Having the production of JD from Ice Nine Kills and mix-master Steve Sopchak, we threw around the idea of a few songs to cover and felt this could be one to capitalize on.”

Ovtlier is preparing to release their debut EP, What Doesn’t Kill Us, and have a few remaining performances scheduled with Ice Nine Kills.