Listen: Payson Lewis declares 'Can't Go Back' in new single

Payson Lewis's new single is called "Can't Go Back" and that's appropriate considering that it's a significant departure from anything he's ever released before. Listen to the track now by playing the video above,  download it on iTunes and stream it on SoundCloud.

This is Lewis's third single this year, following "Bad Influence" in May and "When Love Was Young" from March. Unlike those songs, though, "Can't Go Back" eschews the traditional pop sound and sees the Philadelphia-born, Los Angeles-based artist move into more pop-rock territory. Instead of the piano-driven melody that's been the foundation of his career to date, Lewis is leaning on guitar and drum sounds to create something with more attitude. It's a song that still has a hook, but it's not so easy to figure out, and it demands more of the listener's attention.

Is the former "The Sing-Off" contestant (he appeared with The SoCals in the NBC show's first season) trying to reinvent his image? Turn the charming piano player into something of a rock bad boy? No, the new single has nothing to do with Lewis himself but per its press release, is his response to the current state of the country following the 2016 Presidential election. In the release, he describes the single as what happens when you look back "wishing that you knew then what you know now."

But rather than write a protest song or be overly political, Lewis has compared that big picture to the small one inside of every listener. He's created a song about hindsight and spiced it up because he's not looking back in self-pity or anger. Instead, he's sending a message to music fans everywhere that they may know better now, but they can't go back, so they'd better take that newfound knowledge and move forward instead. That's also exactly what he's doing with the song - pushing himself forward into a new genre he should incorporate more of in the future. Listen to it by playing the video above and discover the new Payson Lewis.

"Can't Go Back" is now available on iTunes. Payson Lewis does not have any tour dates in support of his new music, but fans can keep up with future tour announcements by following him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For more on Payson Lewis, visit his official website.