Listen: Ramona Rose debuts new single 'Grand Canyon'
Saint In The City PR

Hailing from Leeds in the UK, Ramona Rose, knows a thing or two about baring one's soul with her display of singing and creating music. At only 22, she has developed her sound based on growing up listening to folk music her family would play often. She sings and performs like a seasoned singer who's been singing about life experiences since they could perceive, understand and learn from them.

These experiences are evident on her debut single "Grand Canyon," in which she explains in a press release is about "about being promised the world by the one you love, and knowing deep down they’ll never be able to give it to you. It draws inspiration from old school Country - there’s something quite raw in the way people used sing about heartache, telling stories like nobody else could. It’s something I always try to channel.”

Also noted in a press release, Rose has played live sessions on BBC, including airplay from BBC's Introducing in West Yorkshire and Leeds Student Radio. She also played a UK tour this past summer and plays several tour dates this winter. 

Listen to Ramona Rose's new single out now via the music box below! Stay updated about all things Ramona catching her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.