Sammy Strittmatter's new album releases this Friday, but can be streamed now exclusively at AXS.

Sammy Strittmatter's new album releases this Friday, but can be streamed now exclusively at AXS.

Casey Pinckard/Courtesy of Skye Media

Singer-songwriter Sammy Strittmatter wants to Get Out of the City with his new album, and he wants music fans to go with him on a worthwhile journey. You can listen to the entirety of his new album right now by playing the stream embedded in this article. The record will be available Friday, May 18 through Strittmatter's Bandcamp page.

Get out of the City is Strittmatter's fourth record, and his first in six years. That's a long break, but it fits very well with the overall mood of the album, which is about a journey away from something - and back to something else that you've missed. Each of these songs, written by the artist and self-produced with the assistance of Palo Santo Records co-founder Salim Nourallah, encourages two simultaneous feelings: the sadness that one thing is coming to an end, mixed with the optimism that there's something better up ahead. It's a lyrical contradiction wrapped in a beautiful musical arrangement.

The album also includes a pair of entirely instrumental tracks, "Zuma" and "Matches," which demonstrate Strittmatter's talent for instrumental music. Most singer-songwriters wouldn't include wholly instrumental songs on their record, but that's another reason why Get out of the City isn't your typical singer-songwriter album and deserves your attention.

Perhaps what makes the album work is that it comes from a place of truth. Strittmatter is a Texas native who moved to California, then left California and found himself wishing he hadn't. Now having re-settled in Los Angeles, he's telling his own story through these songs, expressing that idea of something being missing in one's life and knowing where to find it. It just takes a journey to get back there, which is what plays out through the record.

"Initially, Get Out of the City was intended to be an EP, released alongside my last album," Strittmatter told AXS in an exclusive email statement. "As time passed, I naturally continued writing songs that fit the mood of the EP, and felt that there was a message growing, bigger than I had anticipated. I decided pretty quickly to hold off on releasing the EP and immediately began working on the next album.The desire to move back to California was building more each month and with each show. I missed the mountains, beach, weather, and overall the diverse cultures...This album acknowledges the pull to be where one desires."

Per the album's press release, Strittmatter is planning to tour with Get out of the City later this year, but hasn't announced a tour schedule yet. He is currently in the middle of a residency at Los Angeles's Hotel Cafe, with two shows left on May 22 and 29; tickets are available here. Audiences can keep up with future live show announcements through Facebook. Listen to the full album by playing the embedded stream here, and take your own musical road trip with this up and coming artist.

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