Listen: Thalía turns #ThaliaChallenge meme into ‘Me Oyen, Me Escuchan’ single
Thalia / YouTube

Mexican superstar Thalía released a new single “Me Oyen, Me Escuchan” on Aug. 31. The song originally was a viral video meme that inspired the #ThaliaChallenge and now it could be her next big hit.

Last month, Thalía went on Facebook Live to celebrate the music video for “No Me Acuerdo” with Natti Natasha crossing over 200 million views on YouTube. She also announced a new single in the works with Gente de Zona. Despite the big news, what that broadcast really got people talking about what Thalía’s kooky demeanor when she asked in Spanish, “Can you hear me?” That led to her singing the question and being playfully unsure of how to start and stop the Facebook live chat. All of this unfolded in front of her fans and the clip went viral.

That funny Facebook Live inspired the #ThaliaChallenge where her fans would recreate it on their social media accounts. Parody remixes were even being made of Thalía’s video. Producer Chuy Nuñez turned the meme into a pretty credible dance track by adding music and background vocals to her unexpected “performance.” Thalía caught wind of his mix and contacted him to see they could officially release it. “Me Oyen, Me Escuchan” (Can you hear me?) was born shortly after.

“Me Oyen, Me Escuchan” is now available on iTunes and Apple Music. Thalía’s next single with Gente de Zona is due out later this year.