Listen: The best Sweater Beats tracks of 2016

Sweater Beats may be one of the hottest producers and DJs on the current circuit, but the humble musician is anything but typical. In a Reddit AMA he described the kind of music he creates as “R&B with 808s,” which really is the ideal descriptor. Taking fun and experimental production and matching it with soulful voices makes for the kind of forward-looking rhythm and blues that will really connect with this generation.

As he’s on the brink of his debut tour, For The Cold, let’s take a listen to three of the top tracks Sweater Beats has put out in 2016 including originals and remixes.

“Hey Ya” featuring KAMAU

It’s hard to remake a song that it already a hit all on its own, but somehow Sweater Beats and KAMAU’s version of Outkast’s “Hey Ya” ranks high on the listenability chart. Slowed down and soulful, this R&B rendition of a high energy classic just works.

“Better” (ft. Nicole Millar and Imad Royal)

Catchy and pretty is not usually a word combination that can be said about most EDM, but the way Sweater Beats mashes R&B with proper production is simply perfect. The track, “Better” with Nicole Millar and Imad Royal will be stuck in your head the rest of the day.

“Future Feels Mix”

Equal parts outlandish and euphoric, the production on “Future Feels Mix” takes a more electronic approach to a psychedelic dreamscape. Still mellow, in true Sweater Beats fashion, the mix varies in a way to keep the adrenalin low.

Catch the DJ/Producer’s For The Cold tour in a city near you, including a stop at LA’s El Rey Theatre on October 28. Tickets are available care of AXS.