Listen: Thom Yorke's latest song from 'Suspiria' film soundtrack
Thom Yorke / YouTube

There is a new horror remake hitting theaters and a big name has completed the soundtrack for the film. The movie is Suspiria and Thom Yorke just released a track from the soundtrack that he created for the film.

Yorke, who has taken time away from his band Radiohead to set out for a solo tour also make time for the horror remake. For fans who want to know what to expect, check out his release of "Has Ended" from the soundtrack that goes on sale on Oct. 26.

This is the first film score for Thom Yorke. His Radiohead partner Jonny Greenwood has also dabbled in film scores, creating the soundtracks for a number of big movies including Inherent Vice, The Master and There Will be Blood.

The original Suspiria was directed by Italian Giallo horror legend Dario Argento and told the story of an American ballet student who transfers to a prestigious Germany academy and learns that it is a front for a supernatural cult.

The remake, which hits theatres on Nov. 2, is directed by Italian director Luca Guadagnino and stars Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton and Chloe Grace Moretz. Jessica Harper, who starred in the original, will also have an appearance in the remake.