Listen to Beachwood Coyotes’ excellent new single 'Face to Face'
Beachwood Coyotes

L.A.-based indie rock Beachwood Coyotes has released a new single called “Face to Face,” and it’s a track that deserves some attention for alt-rock. With its lush harmonies and almost painfully earnest lyrics, “Face to Face” evokes the same visceral sense of heartache that all the best indie rock breakup song do. In fact, given how sharp and focused the band’s music is, it won’t be long before they are talked about in the same breath as alt-rock stalwarts such as Japandroids and Dawes.

Beachwood Coyotes has one of the most haunting band origin stories in recent memory. Having recently fallen out with his former group and then life’s passion, lead singer and guitar Jason Nott chose to roll with the punches by taking some acid at 2 a.m. and hike up to the Hollywood sign. Unfortunately, a pack of beachwood coyotes dissuaded Nott from finishing his journey. While disappointed in the moment, Nott was filled with relief when he later learned that the spot where he encountered the coyotes was the site of a brutal multiple murder. Inspire by his surreal brush with death, Nott formed a new band named after his canid saviors with drummer Bryan King and bassist Drew Smith and guitarist Yan Clermont.

“Face to Face” appears on Beachwood Coyotes’ forthcoming EP Scrubby, which is due out this summer.