Catina is the first ever Chinese artist to hit the Billboard charts, according to a press release.

Catina is the first ever Chinese artist to hit the Billboard charts, according to a press release.

Courtesy of East2West Collective

Dance artist Catina is making history with her debut single "Stronger" with TELYkast featuring Quavo. You can listen to the single below and also can stream the song on Spotify.

"Stronger" is currently ranked number 12 on Billboard's Dance Singles Chart, and that makes Catina the first artist born in mainland China to register on the Billboard charts, according to a press release. In addition to the single's commercial success, Catina has already had it placed on the TLC reality TV series "Dance Moms" and had it remixed by Migos.

That's a lot of traction for an artist's very first song, and Catina is following that up with a significant role in Lifetime's upcoming reality TV series "Beyond The Spotlight" alongside Lady Gaga's former creative director Laurieann Gibson, who also appeared on "Dance Moms." According to the press release, the show is expected to premiere in March. It's a natural segue for Catina, who per the press release spent five years studying fashion before she decided to focus on becoming a recording artist.

What makes Catina worth watching and listening to? The fact that she's the first Chinese artist to hit the Billboard charts is a remarkable feat, and audiences may have also heard her when she was featured as part of the iHeartRadio Digital Artist Integration Program last month. She has not only released a debut single that's different from the usual dance and EDM sounds audiences are currently hearing, but she's using many different platforms to get her music out and aiming high right off the bat. All of the exposure is well deserved; her sound has a remarkable pop that will not only hold an audience's attention but make them curious to learn more about her.

So will music fans get more of Catina in 2018? The next step would be to parlay this hot single into more new music, but the press release did not mention what she'll be releasing next or when. Catina does not currently have any live performances scheduled in support of "Stronger," but with everything else that this artist on the rise has in the works, perhaps music fans will see her on tour in the near future. Until then, audiences can follow her on Facebook.

To hear more of Catina, visit her artist page on Spotify.