Listen to Disco Shrine's  imminently danceable 'Up in the Air'
Disco Shire

Recently, emerging indie electro-pop DJ Disco Shrine released a new single entitled “Up in the Air.” Although the track is an imminently danceable jam, it’s not an empty paean to the joys of partying.

 In truth, it’s a deeply personal song that details the feelings of exhilaration and anxiety that her parents felt when fleeing Persia from the United States during Iranian Revolution. Leaving behind the culture and identities that they had always known, their lives were very much up in the air. Given the prominence topics like unrest in the Middle East and immigration have in the headlines, the track can’t help but feel timely.

The recording artist born Jessica Delijani hails from Southern California’s San Fernando Valley. She began releasing electronic music that blends together dream pop, electronica and pop influences in 2016. Her debut record is a four-song EP entitled Soft Fur. After an extended sabbatical, Disco Shrine returned to releasing original compositions earlier this year with “Up in the Air.”