Listen to gospel-tinged artist Babby's new single 'Mother'
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Babby, not to be confused with “baby,” is a Maryland raised artist who pays homage to his upbringing with his new track “Mother.”  His musical roots stem from a foundation in gospel when his mother toured the state with her talented son to sing at various churches beginning when he was five years old. 

Influences of James Baldwin, Nina Simone and Toni Morrison are relevant throughout Babby’s work giving his electronically based sound a timeless feel.  If “Mother” is any indication of Babby’s impending music releases he has certainly hit the 'mother' lode.

Babby tells AXS that "'Mother' was my own retrograde. I had to revisit wounds from my previous selves in order to heal myself. I was sick and, in many ways, still am. A lot of those wounds were caused by trauma from my childhood, but I also grew up in a very religious household that assured me that my existence was not in vain; that I had purpose despite my transgressors. I needed to channel those emotions and see them face to face."

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