Listen to HMS Morris' marvelous new singles
Beast PR

Welsh art-pop group HMS Morris has followed up the release of their marvelous 2016 debut Interior Design with an outstanding new double single. The first of the pair is a rock going psych rock track called “Morbid Mind.” It’s an instantly memorable rumination about the joys and perils of morbid curiosity.

The other is a more subdued ballad called “Arth,” which takes its name from the Welsh word for bear. It’s an ode to the increasingly urgent need for our species to respect and find a balance with nature. Fans of groups like Camera Obscura and the Jesus and Mary Chain will likely find a lot to love with both songs.

HMS Morris’ is difficult to classify in the very best sense. Nineteen-sixties psychedelic rock is the group’s most obvious jumping off point, but their sound has an electro-pop sleekness but is undeniably modern. If Kate Bush and Franks Zappa recorded an album that was produced by Björk, it might sound like HMS Morris, but even that description doesn’t quite hit the mark. Theirs a style of music that is better experienced than analyzed.