Listen to Stevie Nicks’ new, stripped version of ‘Gypsy’ for upcoming Netflix series

Stevie Nicks’ iconic 1982 soft rock anthem “Gypsy" has received a makeover for an upcoming Netflix series with the same title starring Naomi Watts. The new version of the song, which will be played during the show’s opening credits, features a more hauntingly beautiful combination of just Nicks and a piano.

As heard in the video above, the new stripped-down version of the Fleetwood Mac hit really cuts to the song's emotional core, which is fueled by the melody coming from that famous vocal tone of Nicks, who is finding the new "Gypsy" to be much closer to its original concept.

“I’m very excited for the world to hear ‘Gypsy’ more like I wrote it — on piano. I am very proud of this version,” Nicks said to go with the song’s premiere on Friday (June 23).

The show’s creator and show-runner, Lisa Rubin, surprisingly wasn’t a fan of the song heading into the project. According to her, she never even knew the song existed.

 “I didn’t know the song ‘Gypsy,’ so when it came on, the tone felt so right,” Rubin shared. “I looked up the lyrics and what it meant and it resonated, all of that longing and feeling, it felt fitting for the show, so it became part of the fabric.”

The trailer for the upcoming drama series, which premieres on June 30, can be watched below and features music from a more current female songstress, Banks.

Fans can click here for tickets to see Nicks share a bill with fellow classic rock icon Tom Petty at Hyde Park in London on July 9.