Listen to Stranger Ranger's crunchy new single 'House Show'
Tiny Engines/YouTube

On Aug. 11, Portland-based Stranger Ranger released “House Show,” the first single from their forthcoming second studio album, Daymoon. Full of crunchy guitars and hypnotic low-fi vocals, the song sounds like a lost grunge track that would've sold a million singles back in the mid-‘90s. Or given stagnant place modern rock currently inhabits, it could be the catalyst for a very welcome return to prominence of Pacific Northwest indie rock.

Stranger Ranger formed in the early 2010s under the name Sioux Falls and released their first album, 2016’s Rot Forever. Although the record received positive reviews, outlets like Stereogram criticized the group’s sound for being too indebted to it most obvious influences. However, the band managed to work through their identity issues by the time they recorded their very good follow-up EP Sunbeams Through Your Head, even though hadn’t realized their full potential. Judging by “House Show,” Stranger Ranger is now ready to enter their critical and commercial imperial phase.

Daymoon is due out Oct. 6.