Listen to Titus Makin's ecstatic new single 'Good Love'
Project Light Agency

 With the cold winds of winter now upon us, it’s now more important than ever to find music that lifts the spirits and brightens the mood. Thankfully, up-and-coming pop singer Titus Makin has recently released a new single called “Good Love” that is just the doctor ordered.

The track, which features backing vocals from Megan Tibbitts, is a blissfully upbeat tune about wonders of love, particularly the kind of everlasting romance that can develop in early life and can sustain a person well into their twilight years. Like a cup of hot chocolate in the middle of an ice storm, “Good Love” provides the listener with an almost intoxicating sense of warmth and happiness.

Like many of today’s most exciting young entertainers, Makin has irons in more than one creative fire. In addition to putting out CeeLo Green and Maroon 5 inspired tracks like “Ropes,” Makin is also pursuing a career as an actor. Thus far, he has done pretty well for himself, landing supporting roles on hit shows like “Glee,” “Pretty Little Liars” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”