Listen to two different versions of Francois Klark's 'Spaceman'
Francois Klark/YouTube

Earlier this month, singer-songwriter François Klark released his first single, “Spaceman.” The track is an intoxicating, minimalist ballad about the boundless nature of love. While the single has widespread appeal, fans of Alex Clare and John Legend will likely find the song to be most enjoyable.

The South African-born, Canadian-residing performer has also released an acoustic version of “Spaceman.” While not as musically complex the original version, the acoustic “Spaceman” packs more of an emotional punch. The fact that Klark was able to demonstrate such an impressive amount of range with his first releases suggested that he had bright future in the music industry.

Although only releasing his first single this year, Klack has already racked up a number of prestigious accolades. So far, he has been the recipient of the Universal Music, John Lennon Songwriting and International Acoustic Music Awards for his work. Klack’s debut album is due out in early 2018.